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The Howell Team

These words are the cornerstones of Len Howell's reputable real estate career. With over 25 years experience and a reputation for integrity and success, Len has established the HOWELL brand as a name that reflects excellence, quality, extensive knowledge, and customized level of service that delivers results.

The goal of our team is to exceed expectations and provide a unique level of service that our Clients are proud to refer.

This standard for distinction is perpetuated with the newest addition to the HOWELL Team: Len's daughter Stephanie. She brings with her a youthful and focused energy taking the HOWELL name and the mantra of Len's business to new heights. The combination of expertise, versatility and the innate drive for excellence makes this Father-Daughter team unstoppable. Selling your home is often one of the biggest decisions you can make: Len and Stephanie work with their Clients to ensure that the decisions behind their real estate transaction are as informed and well educated as possible. Both Len and Stephanie continue to expand their knowledge through ongoing education and training programs. 'There are constant changes in the real estate market that affect our Clients. Our team is here to help them make informed and well educated decisions when handling such an important investment'. Passing on this knowledge to their clients give them confidence to make informed decisions about selling their home. The team's approach is simple yet effective. They educate and inform; Len and Stephanie equip their Clients with the right tools and guide them through the process of buying and selling a property.

There are constant changes in the real estate market that affect our Clients. Our team is here to help them make informed and well educated decisions when handling such an important investment.

Len started his real estate career in 1984 after studying engineering and working on the Peel Region Police Force for over a decade. He worked for a small reputable company honing his craft before joining RE/MAX Realty Enterprises Inc., Brokerage in 1990. Len chase RE/MAX because it offered limitless possibilities to provide superior Client support service. The company is a giant and, as such, has tremendo. leverage with respect to world-wide advertising. The office is staffed with about 85 knowledgeable and skilled agents who work across the Greater Toronto Area.

Stephanie began working with her Father offer graduating from Queen's University in 2008. Growing up with a such a successful parent in the real estate industry inspired Stephanie to not only carry on the HOWELL name, but encourage the team to challenge convention and aspire to achieve new levels of success. 'As a child my Father would drive me around the Lome Park neighbourhood and tell me stories about the homes he sold and what made them special That combined with my background in business, competitive character and love for negotiation was a recipe for a career in real estate'. She is her Father's daughter taking on the real estate industry with the same vigour, drive and passion as Len did back in 1984.

The HOWELL team offers a range of versatility, working with both Buyers and Sellers within a wide range of property types and price ranges. The geographical area they focus on includes Lorne Park, Mississauga and Oakville. Properties include single family homes, new luxury custom home construction, waterfront properties, as well as commercial development sites. Len represents several custom home builders that specialize in building customized luxury homes that offer distinctive architectural designs with unique features and amenities.

A lifetime of serving others, in different capacities, has allowed Len to display his exceptional judgement and pass along his years of knowledge and strategy to his daughter. Len and Stephanie respect and understand that buying and selling a home can likely be one of the biggest decisions and investments a person will make. The solid reputation of the HOWELL name and the expertise the team provides combined with an extensive network of contacts, a strong support staff, and a true love of their profession makes the HOWELLS an excellent choice for Clients looking for agents of integrity!

We look forward to working with you,

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